Jian Zhang was born in China .He graduated from Art Institute of Donghua University awarded Master of Fine Arts Degree there. Jian became a member of China Artists Association in 2014. He came to Canada in 2019 .

Jian uses modern realistic painting technics to paint works, They have subtle and perfect light, color and shape. Since 2006, he started to make use of various toys in the painting to express feelings to the society and life which was more widely recognized. Now his works mainly depict still life. They create pure and peaceful atmosphere in a simple and concise form.

Main Exhibitions: 

                                2022        Solo exhibition" The power of serenity"(Ottawa)

                                2021         Solo exhibition" on the table" (Ottawa)

                                2020        LA art show (Los Angeles)

                                2019        West Bund ShanghaiShanghai

                                2018        Asia Now (Paris)

                                                 Asia Contemporary Art ShowHongkong

                                                 Art Revolution Taipei (Taipei)

                                2016         Affordable Art Fair (Hongkong)

                                2015         Invitation Exhibition of Outstanding Chinese Artists’ works (Beijing)

                                2014         XV Sea Horizon :A Retrospect of Sea Horizon Painting and Sculpture ExhibitionShanghai)

                                                 ShangHai Art Exhibition in HongKong (Hongkong)

                                2013         The National Youth and Middle-aged Oil Painting Exhibition (Shenzhen)

                                                 ShangHai Art Exhibition in BeiJing (Beijing)

                                2012         Collection of the Second Modeling Art Exhibition of New Artists in 2012 (Beijing)

                                                  Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai)

                                                  2012 Yeosu World Expo KOREA.CHINA.JAPAN Art Invitation Exhibition (Korea)

                                 2011         China Youth and Midlife Artists Commending Exhibition (Shanghai)

                                 2010        John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize Shanghai (Shanghai)

                                 2009       The 11th National Exhibition of Fine Arts,China (Wuhan)

                                 2008       China-ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Contest (Nanning)

                                 2007       Shanghai Youth Art Biennial (Shanghai)



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Artist Jian Zhang

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